Social media has reached a new high from the modern times with millions of people logging in and out every day. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have come to be a constant for many people and joins users from various countries from all over the world. The various social networking websites play a vital role in the world today as it assists people of concern with numerous problems to voice out their opinion, get support from people globally, interact with friends instantly, and even get to know new and likeminded individuals.

However, in the present age, there is always the risk of becoming the victim of unknown and faceless hackers. The programmers of such sites made useful improvements to assure safety measures for your users. Instagram is among the most well-known and exceptionally used networking sites on the planet these days. Its developers added a new attribute as a follow-up to the Snapchat status by introducing its status feature which erases after 24 hours.

For many people, they want to keep their identity or user ID undisclosed in the user who posted the standing in summary, you do not need the individual to find out that you had watched their standing for any reasons it could be, Many websites and developers started making it a possibility by introducing and providing information to help people view instagram stories anonymously.

The new update also allows the consumer to view the variety of individuals who watched the status. Now there are lots of objectives as to why you would not want a user to understand whether you watched their status. So, to view Instagram stories anonymously many protected sites have begun to provide approaches to deal with such issues.

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